Science in Action: Omega-3 (what’s the best dose?)

With a better understanding of how to measure balance, I looked again at my data about the effects of flaxseed oil. Here is a new, improved comparison of 2 tablespoons/day and 3 tablespoons/day:

2 vs 3 tablespoons/day

Very clear difference: one-tailed p = .004.

Here is a messy comparison between 3 and 4 tablespoons/day:

3 vs 4 tablespoons/day

I compared 3 tablespoons/day at 2 different times with 4 tablespoons/day divided between those 2 times. I didn’t want to take 4 tablespoons at one time and I wanted to have at least 2 tablespoons in the evening because of the sleep benefits. The graph shows that 4 tablespoons/day has about the same effect as 3.

The big picture: Earlier data convinced me there is probably an effect. Before doing more subtle, convincing, publishable experiments, I have been trying to make the effect as large as possible. For two reasons: 1. To make the effect as clear as possible. 2. To have the most beneficial possible baseline (a baseline to which I will return many times). I foresee doing an experimental design like this: baseline (n days), something else 1 (n days), baseline (n days), something else 2 (n days), baseline (n days), something else 3, and so on. During those many baseline days I want the effect to be as strong as possible.

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  1. Hi seth,
    I am just starting reading your book. I wonder if taking omega-3 oil as capsules has any effect? You do not taste it then either.
    I have beend doing this for about 8 months (but skipped some days) and I lost some weight but not much. It is one clothes size even though I maintained everything else. I have never beleived in dieting. The capsules which contain flaxseed are very small.
    I took the oil for its beneficial effects on the brain.
    Thank you

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