Science in Action: Omega-3 (flaxseed oil vs. nothing 2)

Here are more results from my comparison of flaxseed oil with nothing. I wrote earlier about the balance results.

Each day I measured how quickly I could do each of 100 simple arithmetic problems (e.g., 2+7, 5-2, 5*6). I learned about this task from Tim Lundeen. Tim did the task with paper and pencil whereas I used R (a statistics-oriented language) on my laptop to do the experiment: For each problem, I typed the answer and then hit return. “FALSE” was printed if I made a mistake. The next problem appeared immediately.

Here are the average solution times:

flaxseed oil vs. nothing

There was a very clear difference, t = 6. It took more than one day for the effect to become clear, in contrast to the balance results, where it took more than two days.

These results confirm what Tim found. Unlike what he did and my balance measurements, no special equipment was used (besides a computer). This may be the easiest way to study the effect.

My balance results have obvious practical value: Old people often seriously hurt themselves due to loss of balance. What about these results? Well, failure to react fast enough causes many car accidents. Flaxseed oil (and probably other sources of omega-3) may make you a better driver.

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