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  1. that was sort of an interesting read, the secret test. i like the idea of testing what seems like obvious nonsense–astrology for example, as a simple means of disproving the idea, or, because it’s possible that there’s some value to astrology or the secret.

    for example, the secret sounds like it could help some people become clear about what they want, which could be half the battle in getting what you want. isn’t there some kind of psychological concept of essentially ‘faking it till you make it’? you imagine you have a million dollars and so you emulate millionaires and some of that emulation actually has practical value in getting a million bucks. no need for a metaphysical explanation.

    of course…acting like a millionaire by incurring debts like one…well, that could be a problem! and the magical thinking would maybe obfuscate that possibility.

    anyway, either way, cheap, low risk testing of claims seems a valuable tool, which i think is in line with your thinking!

  2. Ok, first let me admit that I haven’t read or seen the movie The Secret…but it sounds like the sort of thing that’s ripe for exhibiting the Forer effect . You visualize yourself a new car and at some point you receive a toy car or a picture of a car or end up being loaned someone’s new car…your mind finds some way to say it worked. It’s like a horoscope in reverse. Anyway, it sounds like bullshit to me (or would that be smells?).

    On the other hand, it would be really ironic if the writer of that blog post about testing the secret ends up with some book deal resulting from someone in the publishing industry reading her blog post.

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