One Woman’s Shangri-La Diet

From the SLD forums:

It has been two years since I started [SLD], and I just couldn’t think about changing this simple, natural way of life that has given me such peace and freedom.  I often think of a comedy skit I saw on t.v. some time ago where this guy was given a new electric sander as a gift, but kept using it without plugging it in.

To try to lose weight without SLD is like not plugging in an electric sander. Other weight-loss methods work; they’re just much harder, like a sander versus an electric sander.

In her sig file she describes her method and results:

48 years old, 5 feet 4 inches
March 7 160
May 8 119
May 9 116
1-2T OIL/day AND/OR N.CLIP 300-500 calories food.
CFF daily.
To sustain weight loss: Eat fewer calories; enjoy the food you eat; low G.I.; only highest quality.
Don’t assault your precious body with empty calories.

N.CLIP = noseclip. CFF = calorie-free flavor. See the SLD forums for more about them.

To lose 25% of your weight and go a year without regain is a huge accomplishment.

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  1. Off-topic… my seven-year-old son, who said he had had a canker sore for months, reported after a week taking sardine oil capsules, sporadically, that he can’t find it any more. He says it stopped hurting the second day. He had been violently skeptical, always hated swallowing pills or capsules, and utterly refused oil. Now he takes the capsules eagerly.

  2. My daughter is taking them; she has Asperger’s, and reports that she feels less anxious after taking a few. In particular, she notes she doesn’t feel a need to gallop around the room on all fours. We have interpreted that behavior as a compensation for the reduced joint and muscle stress sensation common in Asperger’s kids. Flax oil capsules, by the way, had no noticeable effect. (Score one for 20-base acids, vs. 18-base flax oil? Autism spectrum kids often have various metabolic deficits.)

    I had asked my son, just incidentally, if he had any canker sores, and was surprised when he said, very offhandedly, that he’d had one for months. He might have mentioned it, or a previous incident, and been told there was nothing to be done, and was just living with it. He refused to consider chewing up walnuts; as a two-year-old he had painful reactions to them, and still won’t touch them.

    He consented to let me apply a drop of fish oil directly to the canker sore, but complained for hours afterward of nausea from the odor. I was surprised when he asked for a capsule to swallow the next day. (These are big 1.2g gel caps.)

  3. My kids’ doctor who specializes in care of autism kids recommends that they get fish oil and not flax. Her reason, iirc, is that they lack the ability to convert ALA to DHA and EPA. Or it’s at least impaired.

    I can’t completely isolate it to the fish oil since we’re always making little adjustments week to week, but they’ve been on a big dose of fish oil for about, what, a month, and I’ve seen greatly improved language development the last few weeks so I’m at least partly blaming it on the O-3’s.

  4. … and thank you, Darrin, for the background. The only other chemical intervention we have found that helps her Asperger’s symptoms is melatonin, which helps settle her jumpiness at bedtime. Others I know report success with megadose B complexes. I suspect that reports of success with chelation really record success with mineral supplementation, and the chelation part is incidental. Mineral supplementation seems rather less intrusive (not to say dangerous) than chelation.

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